GT6 Mk3

Written by Adrian Diehm

The final version of the GT6 was produced between 1970 and 1973 with 13,042 units built. It had a mid-life upgrade with a conversion to using the Spitfire MkIV suspension being introduced. In the U.S. the familiar problem of less power again hurt performance. The compression ratio was reduced from 9.5:1 of the Mk 1, to 9.25:1 in the Mk 2 and 8:1 in the Mk 3 with a result that only 90BHP was produced in early models (1971) and an even lower result of 79BHP (1972-73). Home market cars continued to enjoy 104BHP.

The Mk3 was introduced at the same time as the release of the MkIV Spitfire. It somehow looked a lot better with the recessed bumpers and the square tail. The wheel arches were flared and the bonnet louvers disappeared. Gone were the Rostyle wheels, the windscreen was made deeper as with the Spitfire and the bonnet re-profiled.

The interior was little changed with the overdrive switch reverting to the gear lever being the major change. Wire wheels remained an optional extra.

The final cars were built in November 1973 and the car became part of Triumph’s past as it just couldn’t provide inspirational performance in the U.S. due to their draconian emission laws. Like most Triumphs, the car is much more appreciated to-day. No-one has quite worked out why the car didn’t have a greater market than it did with only 40,926 cars produced. It was certainly attractively priced but it didn’t have an open top version like the E Type.

Michelotti did produce an open version and prototypes were built and were production ready. One car actually still exists to-dy. It was known as the Triumph Fury and I will dedicate a page for this car separately.



Pushrod OHV 6 cylinder 


1999 cc




 104 BHP @ 5300 RPM  (78Kw)


 117 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM


Twin Carb


4 speed manual with overdive on 3rd and 4th.gears

Diff Ratio

 3.27:1 (manual)


Front: Coil Spring / Wishbone  / Anti-roll bar /Rack and Pinion steering 

Rear : Transverse Leaf Spring / Swing Axle


 Front   Disc

Rear   Drum


 0-60           10.1 seconds

400 Meters    17.4 seconds

Max Speed    112 MPH (180 KPH)

Fuel Econ.     27.6 MPG