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Written by Adrian Diehm
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Written by Adrian Diehm
logo-newTSOAQ is a CAMS affiliated Car club.
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Buying A Triumph ?

Written by Frank Jacobson




The Triumph Sports Owners Association is often approached for an opinion on how much should be paid for a particular Triumph model, how much its insurance value should be, or just for answers to fairly general questions about the worth of whole cars or parts of cars. Usually, but not always, the enquirer is new to classic cars and/or Triumph cars and has little idea of value. We are also in an age where there is readily available information on almost any imaginable subject, so when faced with something we don’t know, we simply enquire. This article is designed to make the search for information on buying Triumphs a little easier for the enquirer who we hope will make a Triumph, his or her classic car of choice.


Short History of TSOA

Written by TOB

British car manufacturer, Standard-Triumph established the Triumph Sports Owners Association (TSOA), in late 1955 to encourage new TR2 sports car owners to partake in the full capabilities of their car. Factory sponsorship of what was once the worlds' largest single-make club continued in various ways for 27 years, until the demise of the TR range in 1981. The first TSOA handbook proudly proclaimed the real rationale behind the Association "The Triumph TR2 Sports car has been designed to provide a high performance.  When it leaves the works it is capable of maximum speed of 100 miles and hour". With a basis such as this, it is no wonder the TSOA has always had a strong competition base.


Registration Concession

Written by Adrian Diehm

Most Triumphs qualify for the "Special Interest Vehicle Concession" with the Queensland Government Department of Transport. There are limitations as to which types of vehicles qualify for concessional registration and where and when the vehicle can be used.

To qualify for the Special Interest Vehicle Concession:

  • The vehicle must be at least 30 years old.
  • You must be a member of an incorporated car club  or association eg TSOAQ
  • The Vehicle must be in original condition
  • Have a certificate issued by the dating officer of the TSOAQ authenticating its condition and year of manufacture

Note : Vehicles fitted with a modification plate, code LH10 are not eligible for a special interest vehicle concession.

Vehicles with Special Interest Vehicle Concession Registration can only be driven under the following situations.

  • Participating in rallies organised by incorporated car clubs.
  • Participating in processions for which a Special Events Permit has been issued.
  • Travel in order to have the vehicle repaired.
  • Road testing within a 15 kilometre radius from the place where the vehicle is garaged.


QGblack_dad8bc This is only a brief extract of the Queensland Government, Department of Transport conditions and requirements of "Tthe special interest vehicle scheme". More information can be found on the QLD Govenmrnt web site here