2013 - Skid Pan

Written by Adrian Diehm

skippanTriumph Sports Owners Association of Queensland have a day of fun at Gympie Roadcraft.

Extract from the Gympie Times.


2013 TSOA Nationals Skid Pan

Written by Robert Hanton

Thursday October 10th, the day at Roadcraft driver training centre in Gympie was fun for all participants (Barry Tanton in the TR3A didn't want to leave and had to be chased off the skid pan)

We started off with some basic slalom runs, where I discovered that you are faster if you go a bit slower and I can't do handbrake turns.

This was followed by head to head slalom races with the winners continuing and the losers droping out to spectate (there was a bit of confusion with this part). Roger Lange in the TR8 from SA showed his competetive streak and came out triumphant.

The most fun was the Kidney Loop, a simple oval route with a kink on one edge where you could do laps as fast as you wanted and really see how your car handled the wet concrete.


This is some video taken from my Spitfire which at the end got to powerslide round the skid pan (not easy when you have little or no power)


2013 TSOA Nationals Run to Buderim

Written by Hanton

Wednesday October 9th, our visit to Bowden's car collection

After a scenic run down the coats in convoy, Dan Bowden gave us a fantastic presentation on the cream of his family's car collection, one of the best collections of Australian motor racing history plus a few exotic non racing cars.

Dan's knowledge of the cars, their history and their drivers is encyclopaedic and I'm still not sure how he manages to talk without a break for 3 hours with no notes.

A short video of the run down the coast to Buderim.

The spitty performed well, but the driver needs to smile more when on camera.



2013 TSOA Nationals Track Day at Lakeside

Written by R Hanton

Tuesday October 8th 2013, the Track day at Lakeside during the 2013 Nationals was enjoyed by all spectators and participants alike.

The day consisted of 3 x sprint runs each in groups of 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles followed by a regularity session and to end the day, Happy Laps for the non-competitors to at least have a run round the track at a more sedate speed.

We had about 10 cars from the rally competing plus another 15 or so invited cars including Triumphs, Len Watson's 308GTB Ferrari and even a Nissan (driven by an apprentice Triumph Mechanic)

The Photo is Bruce Pollock from WA in the sand trap (Sandgroper ?). Bruce has challenged us all to get across to WA next year and see how we go at Barbagallo Raceway and the Zig Zag Hill climb. Looking forward to the challenge. Great effort by Bruce and the other WA participants to travel all the way across the country.


The video below is a few highlights of the sprints in my TR7 V8




2013 TSOA Nationals Pomona Run Day 1

Written by R Hanton

 Saturday October 5th 2013, day 1 of the TSOA National Rally in Noosa, Qld. 

This is a short video of the morning run from the RACV Noosa resort to the Majestic Theatre at Pomona for morning tea followed by watching some old silent movies including Felix the Cat and the Blue Streak, a motor racing themed movie with a bit of whodunnit and romance added in.

The organ player provided a musical soundtrack played live and in time with the movie to add a bit of atmosphere.

Following the movies, everyone retired for lunch and a chat with old friends from prior Nationals and getting to know new people and their triumphs.


There were 117 full time rally attendees from Tasmania, SA, Victoria, NSW, WA and Qld. I think we had 48 cars, most of which were displayed in the train station carpark adjacent to the theatre.


The run to and from Noosa passed through picturesque countryside which my Spitfire lapped up without missing a beat.

Great weather and a pleasant start to what was an enjoyable week.

Thanks to the organising commitee for a job well done.







TSOA Queensland Nationals 2013 overview


Includes : 

Noosa RACV resort – 5 star accommodation

Down Load Registration Form




• Registration from 2pm

• Ice breaker dinner

• Pomona nostalgia run

• al fresco Pizza night

• Show & shine – Noosa Woods 

• Sunset cruise/dinner, Noosa River

• Hinterland observation run

• Competition + "happy laps" Lakeside

• Sunshine Beach SLSC dinner

• Mary Valley train ride & historic village tour

• Gympie Roadcraft Skid pan & Apollonian "spit roast" dinner

• Bowden's museum

• Presentation dinner

• Celebratory farewell breakfast


2009 We drove to the WA Nationals, just.

Written by Chris Roberts

We were going to the Nationals in WA. Neil had the TC so it was to be the TR7. We were going to go on the train but the train would not take the TR7, as it did not have enough ground clearance. So we tried to put it in a truck in Adelaide and fly across. The truck wanted the car empty so we drove across. The TR7 needed a roadworthy. When it was almost ready the gearbox decided it did not want to go to WA. Oil leaked out. So it was into the 4WD TR8, ie, Discovery V8. It has the same engine lineage as the TR8 and has mag wheels. It too decided it would blow a head gasket but both head gaskets were replaced and running again, the day before we left. 8weeks later we arrived at Busselton. We had been to Adelaide for 2 weeks and had driven across the Nullabor and around the SW corner of WA. Fixed the cruise control too. The resort was easy to find, there was a Triumph on a trailer parked outside the entrance. Next day it was the show and display day and a few local Triumphs turned up too. Monday was competion day and a good day was had by all, but 1. Despite 4wdisc brakes the Triumph still wanted to fly. Didn't do it any good either. The rest of the week was taken up by driving around the Wineries, navigation run, motorkahana, food, more food and more wine, then more food and wine every night. The final night dinner was a more relaxed affair than at previous rallies I have attended and much appreciated by those that I spoke to. On the way home we shredded a tyre at Wilcannia, put the spare on and while at rest area 55k later on, 1 of the front tyres was going down. Dialled RACQ and they ended up getting a tilt tray from Cobar 200k away. As it was sat night we waited till Monday, had 4 new tyres fitted and off we went back home. Will we be going to the next Nationals in NSW, (Does it stand for Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong) yes, already filled the paperwork in. Hopefully in the TR7 this time. Chris Roberts, Blackbutt.



2008 National Meeting QLD

The Nationals were held in Queensland this year, from September 13th to 21st.

 We started off at ‘Cherrabah” a country homestead resort near Warwick on the Darling Downs with Registration and the Welcome Dinner.

Sunday the 14th was Pride of Ownership in Warwick on a lovely day.  The rain held off until the evening but Greg Bird, (Nationals Organiser and entertainer) and his band, Tuxedo Junction, had to pack up and come into the lounge to play their fantastic music or risk the temporary shelter landing on them as it filled with water.

 Monday the 15th was Morgan Park competition.  This went well in great weather and the CAMS stewards and Clerk of Course were most complimentary about this stress free and relaxed day.


2007 National Meeting VIC

Written by Terry and Cindy O'Beirne

Our trip to the 2007 Nationals in Victoria was great as usual.   We headed down the pacific highway hoping the long lengths of freeway would help, but that was a dismal idea. Apart from a relatively quick run around sydney, it was a terribly slow trip, with poor weather , lots of poor roads and plenty of traffic. Afrer a 16 hour drive, we stayed in a B&B at Golburn, we have used before.. 

The rainy weather started again once we got to Phillip Island and washed out the 1st days’ Councourse. Thankfully the weather stayed good for the remainder of the week and trip home. The week was busy as usual, with a mix of social and competition events.