2013 TSOA Nationals Skid Pan

Written by Robert Hanton

Thursday October 10th, the day at Roadcraft driver training centre in Gympie was fun for all participants (Barry Tanton in the TR3A didn't want to leave and had to be chased off the skid pan)

We started off with some basic slalom runs, where I discovered that you are faster if you go a bit slower and I can't do handbrake turns.

This was followed by head to head slalom races with the winners continuing and the losers droping out to spectate (there was a bit of confusion with this part). Roger Lange in the TR8 from SA showed his competetive streak and came out triumphant.

The most fun was the Kidney Loop, a simple oval route with a kink on one edge where you could do laps as fast as you wanted and really see how your car handled the wet concrete.


This is some video taken from my Spitfire which at the end got to powerslide round the skid pan (not easy when you have little or no power)