Triumph Sprints Revival

Written by Robert Hanton



A healthy field of 10 cars assembled for the 2014 Triumph Sprints, round 1

This event was alongside the Qld Raceway Open Sprints, with Triumph having its own group, with 3 other miscellaneous groups running as per the normal sprint series.

Competitors were:

  • Roy Davis - GT6
  • Brian Ferrabee - GT6
  • Simon Rhodes - TR7 V8
  • Robert Hanton - TR7 V8
  • Daryl Tonkin - TR7 half V8
  • Matt Taylor - TR7 half V8 (the other half ?)
  • Terry O'Beirne - 2500 PI  (Cindy was in the main sprint group in the MR2 Spyder)
  • Brian Falloon - TR5
  • Phil Strong - TR4
  • Don Milner - Dolomite Sprint


Triumphs put on a good show, looked great and ended up with 4 cars in the top ten out of the full field of 44 (and last place was not a Triumph)

The only casualties were Simon who lost a belt and overheated the TR&, hopefully no damage done, and Daryl who had a vibration and parked up only to find 2 sheared wheel studs-time to replace all those 35yr old ones.

A few hearty souls came out to spectate, need to loan them a helmet next time and they can join in the fun.

Next round is in August I think (Daryl - was that the agreed date, or is it October, December or better all)

Many thanks to Daryl Tonkin for organising this event, a great day of motorsport and a good club event.

Hopefully we can see a few more at the next round and get a few teams out to represent Triumph at the Teams Regularity at Lakeside, August 31st