Code Name : STAG Michelotti's Masterpiece

The origins of the car, the development, the prototypes, the fastbacks, the press launch cars, the production, the 4x4 Stag, the Hart Racing Stag and a whole lot more. With Graham Robson, Dave Jell, Tony Lee, Gordon Birtwistle, Tony Hart, Adrian Planterose, Peter Robinson and Alan Hart. Narrated by Nigel Thom.


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DISC 1 - 85 minutes (approx.)

  • THE MEN BEHIND THE MOTORS :Extended interviews with Tony Lee and Gordon Birtwistle, two of the Triumph engineers behind the development of the Triumph Stag.
  • THE TICKFORD STAG :A rare look at this famous one-off car with Stag specialist and founder of the Stag Owners Club, Tony Hart.

DISC 2 - 80 minutes (approx.)

  • STAG NATIONAL DAY 2008 :A look at all the cars attending the Stag National Day 2008. - SOCTFL: NEW CYLINDER HEADS
  • There has been much confusion regarding these brand new Stag cylinder heads. We get the story from the horse's mouth, Mike Fisher.
  • ALAN HART & THE FASTBACK :An interview with the man responsible for saving the only remaining Stag fastback in the world today, plus a close-up look at the car itself.
  • KEITH BARNICLE: EFI STAG :Much work went into developing this fuel injected Stag. It's an interesting story as told by the owner, Keith Barnicle.
  • A CHAT WITH ARTHUR SMITH OF STAGTECH : Arthur has had some interesting discussions with former Triumph employees regarding the development of the V8 and slant 4 engines. He relates some of the tales here.
  • ADRIAN PLANTEROSE 4x4 STAG :There were only two examples of the 4 wheel drive Stag. Adrian owns the manual gearbox car (the other being an automatic). The story was too extensive to include full length on the main disc so it is brought to you here.
  • THE STRAW DOGS CAR : This car is included in the main feature but here is a slightly extended version showing more of what Peter Robinson salvaged of this famous car.
  • TRIUMPH MARQUE DAY 2008 : This was a great day for the Triumph enthusiast and thanks to Stag owner John Curtis we are able to bring you a more extensive look at all the Triumph's making use of the famous Prescott Hill Climb.
  • CODE NAME: STAG UPDATES :A short collection of updates since principle photography wrapped.