Traditional Triumph TR

Featuring interviews with the engineers who developed the cars, Triumph historians and TR specialists this DVD is sure to appeal to classic car enthusiasts and particularly fans and owners of cars bearing the Triumph badge. Archive material is included throughout along with extensive new footage which includes the works race and rally cars as they appear today.  An extra featurette on disc 1 is an extended interview with Standard Triumph Body Engineering Executive, Norman Rose.


$ 35.00 (2 DVD set)

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Disc 2 contains the following features:

  • 'THE TR REGISTER INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND 2010' with an outstanding gathering of ex-works cars from the earliest TR2's to the last of the line TR7V8's. (40mins approx.)
  • 'A DAY AT REVINGTON TR' where we get a close-up look at Revington's marvellous TRS, take a ride in an ex-works TR4 and learn about some of the modification and reliability improvements RevingtonTR have made available to Triumph owners. (20mins approx.)
  • 'MORE MEN BEHIND THE MOTORS' featuring an extended interview with Standard Triumph engine development maestro, Dennis Barbet. (10mins approx.)
  • 'TRIUMPH MARQUE DAY 2010' - better than actually being there at this amazing day in May 2010. See all the Triumphs tackle the famous Prescott Hill Climb and enjoy the wonderful cavalcade of all models from the Standard Triumph marque. (20mins approx.)
  • 'PREVIEW TIME' - Previews to five other productions from (10mins approx.)

Appearing in 'Traditional Triumph TR' are:

  • Tony Lee - Chief Development Engineer.
  • Ralph Wigginton - Chassis Section Leader.
  • Graham Robson - Competitions Secretary and Standard Triumph historian.
  • Dave Keepax - Triumph stylist.
  • Willy Cave - Triumph works navigator.
  • Dennis Barbet - Engine Development Engineer.
  • Norman Rose - Body Engineering Executive.
  • Gordon Birtwistle - High Speed Development Engineer and Deputy Competitions Supervisor.
  • Paul Richardson - Standard Triumph historian and son of Ken Richardson.
  • Neil Revington - Triumph TR specialist.
  • Roger Hutchinson - TR6 owner.
  • Rob Green - Pre-1940 Triumph Owners Club and proprietor of Gloria Coachworks.
  • Rod King - Development Engineer.
  • Vic Welch - Development Engineer.

Nigel Thom once again gives us his smooth narration which became a hallmark of the TriumphDVD 'Code Name' series.