Macleans Bridge - 2007

Written by Matthew Taylor

What did you do on Mothers Day? Out to lunch in an overcrowded noisy restaurant with the family testing your self control to the limit? Spent far too much on a date made up by the Americans specifically to sell more greetings cards?

Well here’s a thought for next year’s diary, why not take her on a nice little picnic. She doesn’t need to know the destination – it’s a surprise! And she also doesn’t need to know that the picnic site will have some of South East Queensland finest old (and new) motors on display either (because that’s the other part of the surprise) - Macleans Bridge Classic Car Display

As my wife Lynne owns a very nice TR6, I can’t use this rouse on her, as she’s always keen to attend (Note: rain or shine for those readers who didn’t attend this year as a result of a little dampness underfoot).

Macleans Bridge 2007

Macleans Bridge 2007 - Aston Martin
Compared to last years event attendance was down a little, no doubt as a result of the early morning weather, but hey, if Bruce Christopher can get his magnificent new Aston Martin Vantage wet. what’s a few drops on a pair of old Triumphs!. 
Macleans Bridge 2007 - Sunbeam
Another rare site was the beautiful BRG Sunbeam Tiger of Ross & Jan Baillie. Truly lovely in its dainty proportions, with its compact size disguising the massive V8 lump lurking within beautifully.
Macleans Bridge 2007 - Lamborghini
Most of the car clubs were represented, Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Ford, Holden, Jaguar, Morgan, Jensen, Fiat (check out the oh so cute little 36’ Topolino), Lamborghini (gorgeous early Countach), Maserati, Austin Healey, Mazda (interesting turbo MX5 conversion on display) and of course Triumph, with the local high end muscular replica’s from DRB also being well represented in the form of their GT40 and Cobra offerings.
Macleans Bridge 2007 - Porche
All thanks to the good old TSOA then. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for all your efforts in organising a really good day out. I don’t think you need to change the format or the date (not for our Mothers Day Picnic anyway), but do feel free to have a look at the Noosa Beach Classic on the 23rd of September if you’d like to glean a few good ideas for next year.