Historic Warwick 2007

Written by Adrian Diehm

Whilst this event clashed with Macleans Bridge there was still a reasonable turn out of TSOAQ members at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick.

And Macleans Bridge was not the only place to find all the exotic cars either. There were some pretty interesting Vehicles being driven at Morgan Park.



Who said you can't take a concourse TR3 out on the race track.

David Dumolo's absolutely lovely TR3 
(I love the colour) 






Alan Don (left) And Terry O'Beirne (right)  looking at Alan's Formulea Vee



John Carson (left) and Brian Falloon (right) Talking about... Well i don't know what they were talking about but it John's TR6 may have overheard



Brain Falloon and his TR5



Old faithfull. Hey if you write the article you can put in pictures of your own car. So why is it missing a headlamp? you ask. There is a oil cooler mounted behind the missing  headlamp and removing the headlamp helps get more air into the oil cooler.



Terry O'Beirne's Group A Toyota Corolla and our Mk1 PI lining up for regularity round 1