leyburn Sprints 2014

Written by Graeme Spender

THE Historic Leyburn Sprints are on! Cars have begun their timed runs this morning. Rain has been only light and the Darling Downs forecast is for only isolated showers clearing in the late morning.

leyburn Sprints 2014


Historic Warwick 2007

Written by Philip Strong

After much effort to gather a few good men/women and their cars to attend the Sunday event, only Harry Bird [Stag] and his grandson Jordan, Eric Burgaty [navigator and my TR4] took off for a very early drive in the verrryy chilly morning to Aratula by 7.30 a.m., for the drive up through the “GAP” together.


Jordan wanted to take the Spicer’s Gap route but since we had just washed both cars for the show and shine competition he was overruled. Besides we knew the EH club would need a helping tow to get over the big hump ahead. We left the Mustangs at Aratula still catching their breath for their big drive ahead.

All British Race Meeting - 2009

Written by Adrian Diehm


The 17th annual "All-triumph" race was held at Wakefield Park, Goldburn on Sunday 2nd August. The prime organiser was long-term competitor, Rod Chivas of TSOA NSW, with competitors coming from Qld, Vic, NSW & SA

The event was part of a 2-day All British Race Meeting, so many triumph drivers practiced on the Saturday by entering in the Sprints, mixing in with a wide selection of old and modern cars. Racing on Sunday comprised a qualifying session (to set grid positions), the all-triumph race (17 entrants), and 3 mixed races for sports cars, saloon cars and all-british. The Triumphs racing comprised: GT6, TR6, TR7, TR8, Mk1 sedan, Mk2 sedan, Dolomite Sprint. As usual, there were races within races, as cars with similar performance jockeyed for position. For several events, one of the ultra-fast GT6's led the field, usually with a TR8 in hot pursuit.


Wakefield Park 2007

Written by Adrian Diehm

Two events were held at Wakefield Park on the 23rd and 24th of June 2007. Saturday was a Sprint Race put on by the Austin Healy Owners Club and Sunday was the All Britsh race meeting put on by TSOA NSW. There was also an open practice day on Friday the 22nd.



Some of the Triumphs from other states that also attended the All Britsh race on Sunday.
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tr6 sprint-and-2-tr8s
  sprint tr8


Motor Sport

Written by Terry O'Beirne

Triumphs are great at motorsport....

There are several types of Motorsport that you can enter your triumph in

Triumphs even competed in Bathurst

  • Sprint Racing
  • Autocross
  • Circuit Racing
  • Regularity
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Historic Warwick 2007

Written by Adrian Diehm

Whilst this event clashed with Macleans Bridge there was still a reasonable turn out of TSOAQ members at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick.

And Macleans Bridge was not the only place to find all the exotic cars either. There were some pretty interesting Vehicles being driven at Morgan Park.