Gold Coast Run 2007-11-08

Written by Philip Strong

November 4 must be Giovanni Michelotti's birthday!!!!!

Well, how else could you explain the November Gold Coast Run on Sunday November 4, 2007. Rolling up to enjoy another wonderful day of sports car weather was Rita and Paul Bingham in their classy red TR 6, and Pearce and Joan Bowman, in their pristine, white TR 5. But quite amazingly the rest were a snazzy gaggle of TR 4's and 4 A's, not quite all the colours of the rainbow, but still the best showing of the 4's in one place in a very long time. Besides myself in my little maroon number, [reflections of Melbourne cup fashion week], there were Cherryle & Bob Watters purple, Colin Ellis & Maryjane green, & Peter & Sue Clark, 4A's, and the other 4 was Geoff and Addey Lloyd nice red number. I know there are at least another 6 or so in the club, but we don't see them that often nor certainly at the same time. So, I would like to enthuse the rest of the 4 owners out there, as the 4, 4A Captain, to winkle them out of the garage for the next, Brisbane or Gold Coast runs. It will be the last major run for the year.

I did, however, have a spooky feeling that Michelotti was lighting a candle or two to celebrate his design achievements down on this Gold Coast run. I was thinking there hasn't even been this many at a Mac's Bridge, in my feeble memory, anyway.

We even have photos to prove it to the greart "unwashed" cars of the Brisbane Owners with their Level 666 water restrictions. So members and prospective members, wash them off, dust them down, put some lippy gloss on their bumpers and bring your wives/girlfriends along as well!!!!!

Let me give you some details of what to expect next month. After finding ourselves safe at Arthur Earle Park, by 0900, we headed south beside the highway into Mudgeerabah and a quick coffee and pit stops before finding the back route into the Currumbin Valley, through to Murwillumbah and onto Stoker's Siding. We all checked out the VW garage and the art workshop before carefully negotiating the busy level rail crossing. Once over, we were all bolting along the narrow road between the beautiful tall trees, to find our way into Uki and the local hostelry. Lunch eventually was provided to all, don't mention the lasagna to Addie, next time try the burgers!!!!

After the luncheon respite we counted the flying foxes over the creek and on Paul's suggestion we were off to a quick photo shoot a kilometer or 2 down the round. After several "missed" turnoffs and other likely scenic opportunities Paul finally screeched to a halt at the "tick gates" over looking the Numinbah Valley. [Many kilometers later, they were very enjoyable kilometers]. We inspected the grid looking for that elusive hour as one "crosses the border", but it must have been covered in leaves.

We chatted with the "gatekeeper" while Bob and Paul showed off their creative sides, all of us hoping that the hand brakes would hold long enough for the photo session to be completed.

The clouds were decidedly darker now so we carefully dragged our bums away from the precipitous gorge and were off home to a cool garage, that was until Pearce decided to stop "following the leader", ...... slowing down, ...... slower, ...... pulling over, ...... stopping and still no "5", ........ checking the nasal hair now, while looking in the rear view mirror and still no "5". I thought I would have to spin around and find them. Carefully checking every corner for dark skid marks, I finally found the gaggle discussing the various grass species by the road side, oh and also working out where the "fuel" had gone in "fuel injected". Speaks volumes for Dellorto carbies, I pulled into a safe park, being careful to leave my head lights on!

Once we sorted the many black rubber pipes out, we were off on the homeward leg all enthusiastic for the next month's run with Paul & Co.

Be careful though everyone, a word of "Warning" should be raised here, ever since Cherryle Watters has got her TR 4 Bob, has been seen, sneaking into all the other 4's to check out what is hiding under the seats and dashboards, [I was wondering why my lights were always on], I even blamed Cheryl when we were lunching at the Uki Pub, for turning them on.


Until next adventure!!!!!

Phil Strong