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Coming Events

  • Coffee and Cars at Turbo Drive Sat. 2 Dec, 2017 (7:00 am) General On the first Saturday of the month you will find an esoteric and exotic collection of the fast and the fabulous gathering in the Coorparoo backblocks. Here you will find everything from Ferraris to Fordsand even the occasional Triumph. Officially, the gathering kicks off at 0700 but you'll need to get there a lot earlier if you want a good possie. There are coffee stalls providing hot beverages but TSOA cognoscenti can often be found lurking up the road at Black Sheep Coffee (Norman St) apres event
  • Gold Coast Sunday Run -1st Sunday !! Sun. 3 Dec, 2017 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm) General The 1st Sunday of the Month Gold Coast run - organised by Paul & Rita Bingham. Meet at Arthur Earle Park - Skate Park & boat ramp next to the Nerang River. alll welcome !!  Mystery Coffee stop !!
  • TSOA Xmas Party Sun. 10 Dec, 2017 (3:30 pm) Social Events Its that time of year again! Start the festive season in the best way possible, joyful and TRiumphant at the TSOA Xmas party. Put away the spanners and driving gloves and raise a glass or two with some of the most serious party animals in the classic car scene. The venue is the VCCA Clubrooms at 1376 Old Cleveland Rd Carindale, kicking off at 3.30pm Sunday the 10th of December. The cost is $35.00 per head. Once again, we have cajoled Stan the Spit Roast Man to feed us most royally. The menu will feature roast beef, pork and baked ham. There will be a mouth watering array of desserts including pavlova and sticky date pudding. Spesial dietary requirements can be catered for, just let us know in plenty of time. There will also be the usual nibbles and drinkies on arrival. For those of more substantial thirst, we suggest you BYO! The theme this year is the letter 'T'. Come as something starting with  the letter T or as your favourite breakfast beverage. RSVP Group Captain Gordon Reynolds on by 3 December 2017
  • CLUB XMAS PARTY Sun. 10 Dec, 2017 (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm) Social Events The annual xmas party is on again at the Carindale Club rooms on Sunday 10 December. More dtails to come.
  • Gold Coast Sunday Run -1st Sunday !! Sun. 7 Jan, 2018 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm) General The 1st Sunday of the Month Gold Coast run - organised by Paul & Rita Bingham. Meet at Arthur Earle Park - Skate Park & boat ramp next to the Nerang River. alll welcome !!  Mystery Coffee stop !!

Triumph Sports Owners Association

2017 TSOA Calendars !!

Written by Philip Strong

I have some 2017 TSOA Calendars for sale at $8.00 each. Only a limited number. I will have them available at the TSOAQ run at Nerang on Sunday, 1 January 2017.


Club Overview

The Triumph Sports Owners Association of Queensland is a CAMS affiliated car club catering for the preservation of the Triumph car marque. The Club is based in Brisbane and has approximately 200 members. The club holds regular meetings and various social and motoring events.

If you would like to become a new member of the TSOAQ or you are are en existing member wishing to renew your membership you will find membership form the TSOAQ Memberships section below

Club Contact Details:

Phone : 0417 193 611


Postal Address:
Triumph Sports Owners Association
1376 Old Cleveland Road,
Carindale QLD, 4152.

Club Meetings:
Held the 2nd Wednesday of each Month at
The Veteran Car Club of Australia
1376 Old Cleveland Road

(Check the Events Calendar for updates)



Written by Philip Strong

I left Brisbane knowing I had organised a chance in a life-time, while I drove through Germany to Switzerland !!!

It only dawned on me after I had paid for our flight tickets and a major part of the planning had been put in place. I woke up one day, thinking that I will be travelling between Amsterdam and Switzerland. My first question was – “ Where is the Nurburgring??”

The answer was astonishing! Answer: You drive only a few k west of the town.

Could I stay overnight? Modest accommodation found in Welcherath, just outside of Nurburg.

Firstly some facts. – Location Eifel Mountains, Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Nick-named “The Green Hell” by the legendary Jackie Stewart.
Length: 22.8 klms or 14 .17 miles.

The general public can hire a lap! In fact the lap is only 20.8 klm or 12.9 miles. This is due to a toll plaza with boom gates to control entry access. It is still an enormous circuit, even though you don’t get to enter the F1 part of the circuit. In my humble opinion the sections of the track are all longer than all of the full lap distances of all of the circuits in Australia.


leyburn Sprints 2014

Written by Graeme Spender

THE Historic Leyburn Sprints are on! Cars have begun their timed runs this morning. Rain has been only light and the Darling Downs forecast is for only isolated showers clearing in the late morning.

leyburn Sprints 2014


40th Anniversary of the TR7

Written by Robert Avis

Looking backwards to The Shape of the Future


The TSOAQ is celebrating 40 years of the TR7 with a club run and barbecue.

 Destination ? The club rooms, Carindale.
 When ? Sunday 21 September. Arrive around 11am.
 How ? Cruise from your home, meet with others at your usual gathering spot and make your way to the club rooms for a great barbecue lunch.

Triumph Sprints Revival

Written by Robert Hanton



A healthy field of 10 cars assembled for the 2014 Triumph Sprints, round 1

This event was alongside the Qld Raceway Open Sprints, with Triumph having its own group, with 3 other miscellaneous groups running as per the normal sprint series.

Competitors were:

  • Roy Davis - GT6
  • Brian Ferrabee - GT6
  • Simon Rhodes - TR7 V8
  • Robert Hanton - TR7 V8
  • Daryl Tonkin - TR7 half V8
  • Matt Taylor - TR7 half V8 (the other half ?)
  • Terry O'Beirne - 2500 PI  (Cindy was in the main sprint group in the MR2 Spyder)
  • Brian Falloon - TR5
  • Phil Strong - TR4
  • Don Milner - Dolomite Sprint


Triumphs put on a good show, looked great and ended up with 4 cars in the top ten out of the full field of 44 (and last place was not a Triumph)

The only casualties were Simon who lost a belt and overheated the TR&, hopefully no damage done, and Daryl who had a vibration and parked up only to find 2 sheared wheel studs-time to replace all those 35yr old ones.

A few hearty souls came out to spectate, need to loan them a helmet next time and they can join in the fun.

Next round is in August I think (Daryl - was that the agreed date, or is it October, December or better all)

Many thanks to Daryl Tonkin for organising this event, a great day of motorsport and a good club event.

Hopefully we can see a few more at the next round and get a few teams out to represent Triumph at the Teams Regularity at Lakeside, August 31st



Buying A Triumph ?

Written by Frank Jacobson




The Triumph Sports Owners Association is often approached for an opinion on how much should be paid for a particular Triumph model, how much its insurance value should be, or just for answers to fairly general questions about the worth of whole cars or parts of cars. Usually, but not always, the enquirer is new to classic cars and/or Triumph cars and has little idea of value. We are also in an age where there is readily available information on almost any imaginable subject, so when faced with something we don’t know, we simply enquire. This article is designed to make the search for information on buying Triumphs a little easier for the enquirer who we hope will make a Triumph, his or her classic car of choice.


Stag 40 years old.

Written by Rob Avis

When Triumph released its new "gentleman's sports tourer" - the Stag - in 1970, the order books quickly overflowed. Waiting lists grew from weeks to months. It was a beautiful convertible with 2+2 seating that came with an optional hardtop that would soon become standard. Those expecting a TR6 eating, fire breathing monster were in for a surprise. It was more gentlemanly than manly. It was more touring than sports. It had more saloon comfort than the loosen your fillings, bone jarring firmness of a TR.

And now it is 40 years old.

And its list of devotees is growing. In England it has the unenviable reputation of most stolen classic car. The engine woes that struck after it was several years old have long been overcome and there is a movement to reinstall the original Stag V8, discarding the Rover 3.5 and saloon 2.5s that ended up under many Stag bonnets. The TSOAQ held a special celebratory club run to Imbil - a deer farm at Borumba. 

Here is the video of the run: If you weren't there, please enjoy the day from the comfort of your computer chair.


Rob Avis.


Lismore Motor Spectacular - see the video!

Written by Rob Avis

The Gold Coast club run on the 1st of August was to Lismore. Missed it? No problems. Catch the highlights.

Here is the youtube video to catch up on what the drive and show had to offer.




Registration Concession

Written by Adrian Diehm

Most Triumphs qualify for the "Special Interest Vehicle Concession" with the Queensland Government Department of Transport. There are limitations as to which types of vehicles qualify for concessional registration and where and when the vehicle can be used.

To qualify for the Special Interest Vehicle Concession:

  • The vehicle must be at least 30 years old.
  • You must be a member of an incorporated car club  or association eg TSOAQ
  • The Vehicle must be in original condition
  • Have a certificate issued by the dating officer of the TSOAQ authenticating its condition and year of manufacture

Note : Vehicles fitted with a modification plate, code LH10 are not eligible for a special interest vehicle concession.

Vehicles with Special Interest Vehicle Concession Registration can only be driven under the following situations.

  • Participating in rallies organised by incorporated car clubs.
  • Participating in processions for which a Special Events Permit has been issued.
  • Travel in order to have the vehicle repaired.
  • Road testing within a 15 kilometre radius from the place where the vehicle is garaged.


QGblack_dad8bc This is only a brief extract of the Queensland Government, Department of Transport conditions and requirements of "Tthe special interest vehicle scheme". More information can be found on the QLD Govenmrnt web site here


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